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Your Nurses

The QuayMed nurses are a vital part of the team looking after your health. The Nursing team is led by Rochelle Davey. Other members of our nursing team are: Maria Mao, Cherry Botes, Barbara Lowe, Ami Hammond and Dayna Lawton.

Quaymed Nurses, The Doctors - Quaymed

All our nurses are Independent Vaccinators and give childhood, travel and occupational vaccinations as required as well as offering a vast range of other skills. The nurses run the recall systems and contact patients about results and follow up and routine screening programmes such as cervical smears and mammograms.

Rochelle Davey and Maria Mao are available throughout the week by appointment for cervical smears. We also have Nurse-Led clinics for Cardiovascular Disease Screening, Risk assessment and Management and also for annual Diabetes checks and inuslin initiation. Patients may be invited to book to one of these clinics or may request a review with Rochelle. A nurse consultation fee may apply.

Rochelle Davey - Lead Nurse

Rochelle is our wonderful Lead Nurse. She has high level skills in all areas of nursing and can often deal with your problems without you needing to see the doctor. Rochelle has extensive experience in in primary health care and is an integral part of the management team.

Cherry Botes, Nurse, The Doctors, Quaymed

Cherry Botes

Maria Mao, Nurse, The Doctors, Quaymed

Maria Mao

Barbara Lowe

Ami Hammond