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Patient Fees

Enrolled & Fully Funded Patients

Age years $
0 – 13 $0
14 – 17 $13.00
18+ $19.50

Casual Patients - NZ Residents Only

Age years $
0 – 13 $50.00
14 – 17 $75.00
18+ $95.00

Visitors / Non-NZ Residents

Medical consultations
All ages $130.00

Please note:  There is a delay between enrolling and becoming fully funded due to processing at the Ministry of Health. The above fees apply ONLY to fully funded enrolled patients (casual fees apply while waiting for the Ministry of Health to confirm enrollment).  Processing of enrollments with the Ministry of Health is undertaken usually within 4-8 weeks, depending on the date of enrollment.


Other Fees

Additional fees apply for other services such as ECGs, dressings, Minor Surgery, extended consultations and non-general medical service (GMS) consultations. A full list of fees is available at reception and we endeavour to inform you if you are incurring additional costs during a visit.  If uncertain, please do not hesitate to ask.

ACC co-payments

If you have an accident or injury, the majority of the costs of your care is paid for by ACC.  Please note that there is a co-payment for all ACC consultations which requires payment at the time of your appointment.

The ACC co-payment fees are $50 for a first consultation and $38 for all follow-up visits – this applies to ALL patients aged 13+ years, whether enrolled or casual.

*There is a $20 surcharge on ALL consultations after 5 pm and on Saturdays*