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Both our clinics are OPEN for new patient enrolments if you live or work within the area. We also accept dependent children from existing enrolled patients.  Speak to our reception team, or download the enrolment form below.

What does it mean to enroll?

Enrolling with The Doctors QuayMed means that you are choosing us to be your general practitioner, and you will have access to our Very Low Cost Access scheme. This means that you will come and see a doctor here at QuayMed for all your medical care unless you have an urgent problem and the clinic is closed. See Out of Hours care.

You can only enroll for general practice services if you are a NZ citizen, permanent resident or hold a continuous visa for more than 2 years duration.

Once enrolled with The Doctors QuayMed, the government will partially subsidise the cost of your visit, enabling us to provide very low cost access. This funding process is completed by the government each month, so there may be a delay from 4 to 8 weeks before you are fully enrolled and funded. Once you are fully funded a reduced consultation fee applies – prior to being fully enrolled/funded, casual fees still apply.

We are a VERY LOW COST ACCESS practice and the fees for consultations are set out below:-

Why should I enroll?

  • To access VERY LOW COST consultations and save $$$ on your medical bills.
  • To access a range of other services such as free sexual health consultations, cardiovascular check-ups and access to dietitians and specialist nursing services provided by our Primary Health Organisation (PHO) – National Hauora Coalition.
  • To ensure continuity of care with a dedicated, experienced and friendly team of doctors and nurses.

Why will I NOT be enrolled immediately?

In order to activate your enrollment, we need an original signed enrollment form with proof of eligibility (i.e. passport / visa). This is a Ministry of Health requirement.  This needs to be submitted to the Ministry of Health by the end of the month, following which you may become enrolled and receive funded care.   Up until this time, casual consultation fees will apply.  To remain an enrolled patient, the Ministry of Health requires you to be seen at the clinic at least once within a three year period.   At the time of your enrollment, please ensure you bring along your passport to show eligibility (e.g. NZ Citizen, Resident, or minimum of 2 consecutive years of holding a NZ Visa).

YOU MUST ATTEND THE PRACTICE IN PERSON to sign the form and advise who your current General Practitioner is (if any) in order to have your medical records transferred.   When you are at the practice, you will need to see the Nurse for a quick ‘New Patient Health Check’. Once you have completed ALL these steps, your enrollment is then submitted to the Ministry of Health, and once processed, funding for very low cost care follows between 4-8 weeks later (depending on the date submitted).

Registration & Enrolment Form

Please download and print the Enrolment Form, complete all sections and return to us via email:

You then need to Contact us to book an appointment with the Nurse for your ‘New Patient’ check. Once your appointment is confirmed, please bring your completed enrolment form together with your passport and valid visas.