ResultsOnce you have seen the doctor you may go on to have further investigations. These may be blood or urine tests, a sexual health check, cervical smear tests, ultrasound or Xrays and also referral to another service for review.

Please make sure that you are clear how you will get the results of these tests.

The doctor may wish to see you and discuss your test results. Alternatively you may be able to ask for the results over the telephone- particularly if they are normal or part of an ongoing agreed management plan.

Sometimes we may wish to see or talk to you about your results. Then we will contact you either by SMS/text message or by phone call and ask you to make an appointment for review.

We have robust systems in place to make sure that abnormal results are appropriately actioned. Even the best systems can sometimes breakdown – for example samples can go missing at the lab. So, we ask you to take responsibility for getting your own results and being a final safety net. Please do not assume that “no news is good news” but rather ring and confirm that the results are back and are all OK and no follow up is required.