Patient Fees

Patient FeesImmunisationPatient Fees
Enrolled & Fully Funded Patients
Age yrs $
0-12 $0.00
13-17 $12.00
18+ $18.00

Please note: there is a delay between enrolling and becoming fully funded due to procedures at the Ministry of Health. The above fees apply ONLY to fully funded enrolled patients.

Casual Patients- NZ Residents Only
Age yrs $
0-12 $30.00
13-17 $65.00
18+ $85.00


Visitors/Non-New Zealand Residents

Medical Consults – All ages $100

Other Fees

There is a reduced charge of $70 for Casual & Non funded patients and $85 for Non Resident patients for follow-up visits within 3 weeks.
Additional fees apply for other services such as ECGs, dressings, Minor Surgery, extended consultations and non-GMS consultations. A full list of fees is available at reception and we endeavour to inform you if you are incurring additional costs during a visit.

ACC Co-payments

If you have an accident or injury the majority of the costs of your care is paid for by ACC. However there is a co-payment for all ACC consults.
Copayment charges are $50 for a first consultation and $33 for follow-up visits for ALL patients 13+ years.

*There is a $15 surcharge on ALL consultations after 5 pm and on Saturdays*