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Our Administration

Sally Tan, Practice Manager, The Doctors, Quaymed

Sally Tan - Practice Manager

Sally Tan is our able and experienced Practice Manager. She has been with the clinic since it was founded in 2002. Sally is responsible for the day to day running of the practice administration and staff. She is the Complaints Officer and is your first port of call if you wish to give us any feedback.

Paula Asiata, Assistant Practice Manager, The Doctors, Quaymed

Paula Asiata

Assistant Practice Manager

Robyn Southwood, Senior Administrator, The Doctors, Quaymed

Robyn Southwood

Senior Receptionist

Vanessa Chang, Receptionist, The Doctors, Quaymed

Vanessa Chang


Our reception team includes part-timers Vanessa Chang, Jane Keller, Dan Zheng and Christy O’Toole