Travel Medicine & Immunisations

At QuayMed we provide a comprehensive service to keep you safe and well on your travels abroad.
Patients need an initial consultation with one of our doctors. At this visit the doctor will work out which immunisations are required for your destination and the most efficient combination and timings of immunisations needed for your trip. It is best to come and see us about 6 weeks or earlier prior to departure in case a number of immunisations are required. Travel vaccines are not covered by government subsidy so there is a fee payable. Our fees are extremely competitive when compared with other providers. The doctor or nurse will advise you of costs at your consultation. We are also able to provide advice and prescription or direct supply of appropriate anti-malarial medicines for travellers going to malaria-prone areas.

We hold a full stock of immunisations such as tetanus, polio, hepatitis A & B and typhoid and where possible will offer a same day service. We can also provide chicken pox, meningitis A&C, Japanese encephalitis and other vaccines by arrangement.